I believe that good sounding tracks starts with high-quality recordings. Whether in a studio setting, a live concert, or on location, great recordings start with good equipment and experienced engineering. Let me worry about making everything sound good, so you can focus on the performance.



Here's where the fun really starts. Now that the recording process is done, we can get creative with the mixing. As well as recordings that I've done for you, I can mix songs that you've recorded yourself or had someone record for you.



By producing, I'm referring to the old-school rock producers of the past. Recording an album has many moving parts, some that you may not even know about. Let me use my experience to guide your record to be the best it can be. We'll work together with your budget and time constraints to find studio time, find musicians, and deliver your record on time and within your budget.

Let's get together to discuss your budget and payment.

If you need someone to write and produce (in the modern, electronic sense) songs for you, look no further. You can find songs I've written in my Recordings page. I can either produce a song for you, or we can work on it together. For my fee, I deliver a final (unmastered) mix.